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Relationships that 'heel' Canines 4 Comfort is a 501(c)3 providing trained dogs to support mental health treatment and wellness. 


  • Canines 4 Comfort trains and places psychiatric service dogs with individuals experiencing PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other mental health diagnoses. The majority of these recipients are veterans and children. 

  • Canines 4 Comfort trains and places therapeutic facility dogs for schools and police departments in our communities. These specially trained dogs work with related service staff and administration to defuse emotional situations, help regulate students, provide a calming and nurturing environment, and bring joy to staff and students. With our law enforcement teams, these dogs bring goodwill to neighborhoods, provide relief and decompression to staff when dealing with serious situations, and assist with witness and victim interviews and debriefings.

  • Canines 4 Comfort provides resources, training, education, care, and support to our clients and the communities we serve. We also offer a professional program for our trained and in-training canines to visit and provide dog therapy to others.