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Our Mission

Providing hope and comfort for veterans, children, and community through companionship with Psychiatric Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals

About Us


A number of recent studies have proven that assistance animals and therapy dogs provide great relief for people with different conditions, anxiety and depression among them. Canines 4 Comfort is a 501(c)3 organization established to satisfy the growing need for Psychiatric Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs among veterans, children, and others affected by emotional and trauma diagnoses.


Our Services

  • Canines 4 Comfort trains psychiatric service dogs for veterans, children, and others in our community. 
  • We provide resources, training, education, care, and support to our clients and the communities we serve.
  • We offer a professional program for our trained canines to visit and provide therapeutic value to others.

The average cost for a psychiatric service dog can range $15,000 to $25,000. This price includes the acquisition, nurturing, and extensive training our dogs receive and reflects the time, effort, resources, and amount of work that goes into raising an assistance dog. Canines 4 Comfort “custom tailors” and trains our dogs specifically for each recipient and their condition and lifestyle. Please keep our average costs in mind when donating:

  • $25 buys a dog a leash and collar
  • $35 buys a service dog vest
  • $45 feeds a dog for one month
  • $50 prevents heartworm for a dog for one season
  • $50 sponsors a grooming for a small dog
  • $60 pays for after surgery medication
  • $75 pays to neuter one dog
  • $90 pays to spay one female
  • $90 sponsors a grooming for a large dog
  • $100 protects a dog from fleas and ticks for a season
  • $175 sponsors an annual veterinary visit including vaccines
  • $500 feeds a dog for one year
  • $700 - $2,500 provides basic obedience (level 1) training per dog

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